mandag 7. mars 2011

Sterling silver jewellery

Yeah! I've finally managed to capture some pictures of my some of my sterling silver work. Not the best pictures, but it is a start - and it makes me able to show you some of the stuff I am working on.

The first two photos shows a ring that I made about a year ago, right after I took the first course. Actually I'd totally forgotten this ring, untill I got back home after the third course (stonesetting) and I was looking for some jewellery to pierce and set a stone in. So here it is with a tiny, but sparkling cubic zirconia (CZ). The stone is 1,5 mm.

Female sterling silver band with CZ

I just love to use these vintage gloves and a vintage book as a background, but I know I have some work to to before I get it right. On this one it is too much gloves......
Same ring as above.
Up to now, all my jewellery (beside a necklace for my nephew for christmas) has been womens jewellery. But now I have made my very first male ring:

Male sterling silver band

I have been playing with my drill on this one ;) The ring has been oxidized, so it is a bit darkened in the holes and on the sides. The inside of the ring is polished and made really comfortable, and on the outside I have given the ring a bit of a shabby chic and worn feeling.

Same ring as above
 The final jewellery I'm going to show you today, is a necklace that I made last fall. I really love this one myself, but I have not know how to get the photos of this one right. And I still got to work with the photos before I can list it on Esty or Epla. I think I got to find a suitable neck.... anyone up for a job as a model?

Sterling silver necklace
The necklace has 3 hammered hearts:

Sterling silver necklace, detail
 I love to be able to be creative and "play" with silver at the moment. What is your favorite creative activity?

Monday Moodboard: Feeling vintage

Inspired by some of our European Street Team members on Etsy, I decided to go with the flow and make my own monday moodboard.

For the moodboard I have picked 4 of my favorite items on Etsy - items that I have discovered in the past few weeks. They all touch me in a special way, give me that special feeling that I would love to be able to recreate in my own work.

I am still learning to make jewellery, and I'm working towards finding my style both in products and in the moodboard today is representing a part of my path towards this goal of mine :)

For more monday moodboards, see fleurfatale's blog.
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