onsdag 16. februar 2011

Mine onsdagsfavoritter på Epla

Til nå har jeg bare blogget på engelsk, men har i dag tatt den beslutingen at jeg innimellom også skal blogge litt på norsk - og onsdagene vil jeg reservere til å vise noen av mine favoritter på Epla.no.
So far I have written my blogs in English, but I have today decided that I from time to time will blog in Norwegian - and wednesdays will be reserved to show some of my favorites from Epla.no in Norwegian ;)

4 favoritter vil bli presentert hver gang - alltid på onsdager, men ikke nødvendigvis hver onsdag.

Så....*trommevirvel*..... her er dagens favoritter eller forelskelser som det heter på Epla:


Sånn, det var noen av mine favoritter. Ta en titt du også, klikk på linken under bildene og surf deg inn i dybden blandt Eplas godbiter - kanskje du finner noen nye favoritter du også.... God Epla-jakt!

torsdag 10. februar 2011

Stone setting

Last weekend I went to Oslo for another jewellery course - this time I was going to learn how to set stones in jewellery.

Some of the tools needed
I was not sure if this was the right thing for me, as I am not into all these sparkling "bling-bling" jewellery, I am more found of odd bits and pieces like a stone or glass from the beach or steampunk-ish findings. But I do have a need to learn as much as possible about jewellery making (I'm addicted...), and I wanted to meet other people in the same situation - so I decieded to go for it!

Wow, am I glad I did! Not only did I learn to set stones and turn an ordinary jewellery into something extraordinary, I also met some amazing people whom I am looking forward to get to know better.

And the best of it all; I think I am about to fall in love with those tiny sparkling gemstones!
My first try. All stones are CZ, from 1.5 mm up to 6 mm. I did struggle alot with the large ones in the tubes ;)

Amber - difficult to set without damaging the stone

Rose quartz cone in the middle and tiny CZ's in the front

One of the other students in deep concentration....
The course ended on Sunday - and I think I have been dreaming about setting stones every night this week..... Both stones and tools has been ordered, so I'll soon be able to play with this at home :)
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