torsdag 21. august 2008

The story of my little Losby-Bird – VKnO’s logo

In my dayjob, I normally spend most of my hours behind the computer reading and editing documents or analyzing tenders. I also spend some time in meetings or at seminars. I must admit that I have a creative soul, and my main challenge at work due to this is to stay focused on my work tasks.

Over the years I have established a few techniques that help me stay both awake and focused. Like when I’m on the computer, I usually take mini-breaks from my tasks and take a little trip into cyberspace – just to check my Etsy-shop or take a look at one of the forums that I usually hang out in. These little mini-breaks help me to get my mind of work for a minute or two, and motivate me when I later on get back to my tasks.

If I am in a meeting, that I’m not holding myself, or at a seminar I usually end up drawing small meaningless figures in between my notes. I guess that everybody around me thinks that I don’t have any interest in what’s going on, but actually I am as focused as I ever can be – and if I ever look like I’m paying attention to what’s going on, then I might be miles away in my mind.

So I was at a seminar with my colleagues two years ago when I draw the bird that later on became my logo. Well, at this particular seminar I kept on drawing really small figures and I took even smaller notes, and at one time one of my friends wanted to copy something from my notes, something she had missed. She then took a look at my drawings as well, and she immediately fell for the bird – This is something I could have as an artwork on my wall, she said.

Part of my drawings that day.

That was the birth of my little “Losby-Bird” – named after its place of birth. In fact I think that was the event that made me aware of why I draw these figures and that in order to survive I need to do something creative with both my hands and mind.

When I got home I started to paint the bird and some other figures in a larger size, and I even sold a couple of paintings. But, however it didn’t give me the right feeling, maybe painting isn’t the right medium for me……so for time being I have stopped painting, and started making a lot of other stuff instead.

But painting or no painting, the Losby-bird will always have a special place in my heart – and I was never in any doubt what to use when I needed a logo to put on my products.

I also have a dream that I one day will wake up with the perfect idea of what to do with all the weird figures I’ve drawn.

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MGMart sa...

I loved reading your story of the Losby Bird. How sweet :)
I'm always drawing something too when I am on the phone.
I will come back later on to read the other posts. I have put your blog link up on mine.

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