onsdag 25. februar 2009

Made in Norway

A few days ago I got a mail from Lise at trollsmed. Lise is a Norwegian silversmith, and she makes gorgeous necklaces and other products out of her own handmade porcelain beads and sterling silver - take a look at http://www.trollsmed.com/ for more info.

Lise wanted to know if I was interested in starting a Norwegian Team on Etsy, and inspired by her question I had to go looking for other Norwegian sellers on Etsy.

I found more than I had expected, and here are some of them:

(click on the picture before Feb 28th to see the treasury with link to the featured items)

So what do you think about a Norwegian Team?

I would love to see YOUR answer to that question - no matter if you are a fellow Norwegian seller, a customer, a friend or just another person with an opinion - please leave your comment!!!!!!!!!

7 kommentarer:

X by Leina Neima sa...

Great start - very talented bunch!!!

Nicole sa...

I would love to be on a Norwegian team, if just for being social and perhaps actually meeting some team members! [One of my highlights was drinking with you Vkno - next time let's take it all out!].

Maybe launch both Etsy and ourselves at a future Etsy Messa?????

Oooooo..... the impossible ideas are just coming now......


(you can still call it off if you want to).

ingermaaike sa...

A super bunch of amazing and highly creative talent in Norway! Couldnt be more plased :-D

ArtMind sa...

Super idea! :)

Sigmosaics sa...

it's a great idea .. of course I won't be able to join (portugal) .. but it's a fabulous opportunity for the norwegians to get to know one another!

amazing talent in norway!!

Linda Cecilie sa...

As a norwegian I must say SUPER IDEA!!
I`m not a seler at etsy yet, but I plan to be in e short time. :)

Lise sa...

Jeg aner ikke engang hvordan du lager sånne, men det må du jo lære bort, så supert at man bare kan plukke slik og sende det ut. Og du sporer jo opp flere norske her også... jeg mener at når flere trekker sammen blir det BRA. jeg laget et forum der vi kan diskutere... Dette får vi til :-)

(glem den bloggen jeg henger fast i her da.. vgbloggen er lissom MIN blogg.. det kommer en engelsk trollsmedblogg)

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