fredag 28. januar 2011

Waiting for a new place to stay

I have grown out of the limited space that I have available for my "production", and for years I have wished for a garage/barn with loads of space for me and my crafting business.
imagine the boat being replaced by a garage

In 2010 we finally managed to start the building project,  we deceided to go for a prebuild model from Grimstad Garasjene.
the first day of building

later the same day

- and later that week  the garage was completed - or at least completed enough for us to use it for our cars this winter....just in time before this loooong and cold winter started.
the garage with our house in the background

The ground floor is for our cars, motorcycle, machines, equipment etc

my soon to be studio :)
.... and 'tam-ta-da' the "loft" is all mine. I am planning to have my sewing machines, fabric and everything needed for that part of my business in the part with window facing towards our house. And in the other half of the loft I will have my metalsmith studio.

my metalsmith "corner"

As soon as possible this year, that is whenever the ice and snow has left us and it is possible to start digging in the soil again, we will build a bridge over to the loft.

Building the bridge will be the first step this year towards the completion of the loft.

 If the year turn out as planned, I will be able to start to decorate and move my stuff before the next winter sets in.

4 kommentarer:

Kori Emerson sa...

I think that is fantastic ! I love that your barn looks like it has always been there.

Vibeke K. Olsen sa...

Thank you Kori. We put a lot of work into creating a new building that looked "old" or as it belonged - so it is good to hear that we succeed ;)

Kreativlink sa...

Fantastic! Wow! What fun it will be to organise your new studio there! :)

Vibeke K. Olsen sa...

Yes, I am really looking forward to design the interior and to move all my stuff in there. The office I am using right now is just way to small - so small that I can hardly create anything in there ;)

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