tirsdag 30. september 2008

Inspiration = new products

It's been a while since I've sewn anything - no time and no inspiration, but now as the autumn has arrived it is again time for sewing. I got some really good looking clothes from a fleemarket a few weeks ago, and suddenly I became inspired to create a few items.

The first one I made was from a lovely limegreen jacket. This is the first one were I've kept the front of the jacket as it is, and not turned it sideways, and I'm quite happy with the result:

The next project was two skirt made of fabric in opposite colors - it was quite fun turning them in to in my eyes, two good looking products:

Key fobs are really fun to make. When I make these I usually sew a bunch of them at once on my sewing machine, so that I always have some of them lying around that are half-made, only missing the buttons and the ring. Then I use my "telly-watching-time" to complede the product.

Here are the ones that I've made so far this autumn:

In addition to this, I've also made a couple of other bags - they are all available in my shop.

This saturday it is time for another fleemarked. Who knows, maybe I find some clothes that just needs to be turned in to bags. If not, then I have loads of clothes that I collected during spring season - that are just waiting to be upcycled.

Yeah, life is great!

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