mandag 17. november 2008

The challenge: Vikings

Thank you, AmandaYuDesign for choosing me as this weeks winner, my "Aqua et ignis" Pop Art on display won the last theme "Aqua". So I am the boss, or the queen as I may be called, for this Weekly Challenge for the European Street Team on Etsy which originated from Kreaktivlink.

I was thinking of a challenge that has a connetion to my corner of the world. Ok, I'm from Norway where we have a lot of water, some snow and ice, semi-high mountains and a 'ugly' history. Water (Aqua) has been used, snow/ice is just too cold and mountains have to wait till next time.......... cause I have choosen a part of our 'ugly' history for this weeks challenge: the VIKINGS!

I would like to see items that are somehow related to Vikings or to the time when vikings raided and colonized parts of Europe.

In addition to a Viking-connection, there has to be some recycling or upcycling involved when creating the item. It's up to you to decide how much recycling/upcycling as long as it is involved somehow.

Once you have done your entry please send the link to

Here is something for you inspiration:
Link to Osebergskipet, a famous viking ship

I have not been able to copy any photos of viking ships - so please take a look at one of the links for more details - some of the ships had the most amazing carvings.

8 kommentarer:

ingermaaike sa...

Vikings are not ugly! Just very fierce :0D
Love the theme!

Amanda Yu sa...

Its amazing! funny theme :))
Vikings is not that challenge but the recycling/upcycling would be a breakthrough.

I will try to make it happens though!

Thanks for the great theme!

VKnO Design sa...

No they're not ugly, but they've left a 'dark spot' in our history ;)

Kreativlink sa...

Hehehe... that's a cool theme! :)

glasfaden sa...

Congrats!! That's a hard theme for me. But I somehow can see our Artmind's mini Viking feeling.. hehehe

Dina sa...

Great idea :)

creationsbyeve sa...

Congrats VKnO!!! Wow Vikings!!!That's a real challenge!I must do some history reading first hehehe

ArtMind sa...

Congrats on winning the challenge! It's a great theme! :)

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