onsdag 19. november 2008

Designed by RJ and RJ Charms

Today I’ll let you meet the Nicole, the woman behind two great shops:

1. Tell me about your store (name, products, etc)?
I sell fun, costume jewelry at Designed by RJ. I love adding a vibrant pop of colour to my outfits, and you'll see that come through in a lot of my designs. I also have a line of charm accessories that have ended up in their very own shop, called RJ Charms.

2. What made you start selling your products and show your designs to the rest of the world?
I started out like many people, making gifts for friends and family - I slowly moved onto doing craft shows and opened an online shop 6 or so years ago, when Etsy came around it looked like a great place to sell! I've since closed my own online shop and now sell only via Etsy, as well as some consignment and wholesale.

3. How do you let the world know about your products?
I love blogging, and enjoy some of the more popular network sites. I also do some online advertising, and of course - word of mouth!

4. Do you adjust you crafting to the different seasons? And how?
I do adjust somewhat. For example, this fall I introduced my "Victorian" line of jewelry. And of course RJ Charms features some fabulous kitschy charms for specific holidays (right now it's all about Christmas and winter!).

5. How do you get inspired?
Mainly by playing with my beads. Sometimes I'll browse online supply shops, and get inspired by something I see. I also follow some colour trends - red and turquoise is still one of my favorites!

6. Do you ever get a creative block?
Sometimes I do, and when that happens I dig into my little pile of items waiting to be deconstructed and repurposed. Or I just take a break altogether!

7. What is a normal day like for you?
I have a part-time office job, so typically I'll get up and spend an hour or so online while having breakfast. Checking orders that came in over night, reading blogs, twittering. Usually I lose track of time and race to get dressed and out the door. I'm home again at lunch to pop online, maybe relist a few items in the shop, see what's going on online. Then when I get home in the afternoon I'll do more of the same, pack orders and get them to the mail box by pick-up time. Around 5:30 I head to the living room and catch a cooking show or two, waiting for my partner to get home - at which point I cook dinner (unless it's his turn, and then I relax and wait for the sushi delivery!). After dinner I get crafty - either making items for orders, or new items. I craft in my living room so I still get to spend time with my partner in the evenings. Then around 9pm it's back online for some late evening listings!

8. Do you do this for fun or for serious business?
It's a business for me, but it's only gotten to this level by being fun! If it wasn't fun it wouldn't be all that much different that a desk job.

9. How do you see yourself down the road?
I hope to keep on crafting! I've been making and selling jewelry for six years now, and I hope to keep on doing it for years to come. I also sell supplies so no matter what I'll be involved in the craft world somehow!

10. What else interests you besides your craft?
I love art, I majored in silkscreen printmaking in University, and miss it terribly! I recently received a membership to our local gallery and plan to make good use of it! And food and wine are big things at our house. We don't have kids (yet), so I have lots of time to prep yummy meals. Right now we get a bin of organic produce delivered every week, so cooking with that is always a new and exciting challenge!

11. Is there something you would like to say as the end of the talk?
As I've done the past few years, I'm having a handmade holiday this year - everything I give is either handmade by me, another crafter/artist or is a charitable donation. It's a great way to support the indie artists, and give something meaningful! I hope more and more people consider having handmade holidays too!

At the end of this interview I would like to offer the readers of this blog a discount: ~ 15% off at DesignedbyRJ.etsy.com or RJCharms.etsy.com with code "VK08" Code can be used at checkout in 'notes-to-seller' and a refund will be sent.
Thank you RJ for taking time to answer my questions and for your kind offer to my readers!

I'll be back next week with a new interview..........

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ingermaaike sa...

Wonderful read!

Morrgan sa...

Beautiful shops and nice to read a bit more about you. :)

Arctida sa...

Great feature!

Nicole R.J. sa...

Thanks so much for the feature! I really enjoy your blog! :)

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