søndag 2. november 2008

Do you want to be featured?

I am refreshing my blog, and will start doing so by featuring a few of the many talented shop-owners at Etsy.

I intend to feature one or two shops a week.

If you are interested in being featured - just leave a comment with a link to your shop or other contactinformation. If I choose to feature your shop, you will have to give a short 'interview' (approx. 10 questions) and send me a maximum of 5 photos.

1 kommentar:

VKnO Design sa...

Thanks to all of you that left a comment on this blogpost. I've deleted all the comments, but don't worry - I've kept the contaktinformation and I will contact every one of you and send you the questions needed for the feature. I have a total of 16 shopowners on my list......

So far, I've featured one seller every week, and I give the seller 2-3 weeks to answer the questions ;)

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